Virgin Black - Sombre Romantic


I was really quite disappointed with my first review of this album. I think I said too much. Regardless, on this second try I will try to capture my absolute love for this album. For those who want a quick opinion...I feel that this is the album of the year for 2000. If you like gothic, mixed in with black, death, and industrial...or if you just like very high quality with originality, this disc is a no-brainer. This disc has quickly became my favorite CD I own right alongside all my Saviour Machine albums. Virgin Black will draw you into their world. They will amaze you. They will thrill you. They will take your breath away. From beautiful gothic sounds of choirs, cellos, pianos, acoustic guitars, and Gregorian chants to heavy guitars that will pummel you again and again. From clean vocals that soothe and comfort, to black shrieks and deathly growls that will terrify you. From beautiful poetic lyrics to lyrics that tear at your soul and force you to examine your heart. Every speck of this album is perfect in my opinion. Nothing could be done to improve upon it. You'll hear influences from their Rowe Productions songs of 5 years ago, but this newer sound is so much better. The music and lyrics, mainly written by Rowan and Samantha, are just...well, words fail me. I love it!

Every song is terrific, but my favorites include "A Poet's Tears of Porcelain", "Museum of Iscariot", "Walk Without Limbs", and "I Sleep With the Emperor". This album WILL and HAS BEEN a source of controversy, but if the listener goes in with an open mind and an open heart, the Spirit will reveal the amazing truths that this band puts forth. It actually has been an album that has allowed me to enter into worship of my Creator, which sometimes is hard when speaking of "extreme bands". If anything else is yet to be cleared up, my promise is that The Whipping Post's interview with the band that will be posted in April or May will clear up any remaining doubts about the intentions of this cutting edge band.

What else can I say. I feel almost unworthy to review an album this good. I will treasure it forever and I look forward in great anticipation to the next installment of Australia's Virgin Black.  (Review by Matt)