Eleven Hours Down - There's Hope in the Darkness


After a cool sounding intro that doesn't fit into the rest of this album, song #2 "I'm Terrified" begins. At first I think I'm listening to an intro to an Extol song. I'm quickly reminded that this is far from the truth when the rest of the band kicks in. Eleven Hours Down is a very talented hardcore styled band that, even though they sound nothing like Extol except for that little intro, are very worthy of your attention. The music contained herein is very heavy and I'm loving it. These guys claim Training for Utopia as an influence, and I can see a slight influence but they are not as chaotic as the mighty TFU. The vocals are a very harsh hardcore scream with occasional growls, clean vocals, and gang vocals. Along with all the other Godfather Records' bands, the production is terrific and the lyrics are very bold for Christ. The only song here that got on my nerves was "Body Bag". I don't mind gang vocals, but the chorus chants of "You might as well be living in a body bag"..over and over and over, start to sound a little cheesy. Other than that Eleven Hours Down will slam you and pummell you again and again with unrelenting fury for 15 songs. Best tunes include, "Pure & Simple", "It All Falls Away", "Abuser", and the kick butt "Reap Destruction". Expect to hear more good things in the future from this high quality Oklahoma based band.  (Review by Matt)