Eso Charis - Eso Charis


If you like hardcore - get this album! If you don't get it, you will truly be missing out on one terrific band. This group kicks booty from start to finish. I can't say one negative thing about this record except the fact that it is too short. At only 30 minutes, they will have you begging for more. I took a chance buying this album since I had never heard them before. After just a few listens I realized that this was one of the best risks I have ever taken. This album was produced by none other than Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice, and he did a fine job. There are a few emo parts and a few trippy sounding guitar parts, but other than that this very heavy band slams it's way through all eight songs. Very intense. They don't sound like a clone of anyone, but the Living Sacrifice influence, from Bruce, is evident in some songs. The vocals are very good from the screaming, to the spoken words, to the singing (which is rare). The screaming is like the style of Overcome, but I think it's better. My favorite songs would have to be "Once Upon a Fashionable", "The Narrowing List", and "Dunamis". It's hard not to say that every song on this album is my favorite song on this album. The lyrics are second to none when it comes to hardcore bands. There is absolutely no question where these guys stand. Jesus is the main focus throughout, and they could care less if the people listening are offended by His name. Here are a few examples of some of their cool lyrics: "Reborn is the one whose been called not forced under..." (Born With a Future). "Dead flame, you don't have to change for yourself, He changes you...", "...the time has come to stop telling man who man thinks He is and tell them who He really is...Jesus!...I hate Satan and all his lies. It's more than just life." (Processed Bodies). "This burning feeling inside of me, I hold this blood in my hands, it runs over exceedingly, I shall not break my stance. Satan we expose you, your a liar, your a liar, Satan, we rebuke you in the name of Jesus!" (Dunamis). "Return O' wandering stars from darkness. Return O' daughters of injustice and sons of hate, the time is now and this is the hour. It's not over yet, you still have time, bow down to your Father, your Creator...God!" (Skimmers). This is really, really good stuff folks. This band is highly recommended.  (Please note: This album came out in 1998, but still kicks like it just came out just yesterday.)  (Review by Matt)