Stormfĺgel - Den Nalkande Stormen

Packaged in a very nice digipak comes the debut release of the new CMI act, Stormfĺgel.  The band consists of Andreas Neidhardt and Éva Mag, and they offer up a style that mixes folk and martial with neoclassical music for a somewhat subdued and calming feel throughout.  The overall haunting and depressing atmosphere is complimented by violins, flutes, bells, horns and various forms of percussion.  The vocals are a mix of male and female that sometimes fit the songs perfectly and that sometimes almost ruin the song as the same beat will repeat throughout in the background while the vocals do the exact same in that they never fluctuate or change...staying monotone throughout the entire song.  Something you definitely have to get used to over multiple listens.  And I think that is the key.  This is an album that is really hard to grasp on only one listen.  Over repeated spins, the different moods and sounds seem to wrap their tentacles around you and gently pull you in.  While not the best CMI release by far, this is an interesting debut that should turn a few heads.

Rating: 70/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Cold Meat Industry

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 42:18

Tracklisting: 1. Anyám Čdesanyám, 2. Daydreaming, 3. A Vicei Temetöbe, 4. Pessimism, 5. Man Will Always be a Man, 6. Holy Sleep, 7. A Jó Lovás Katonának, 8. A Poison Tree, 9. Elmegyek, Elmegyek, Hosszú Utra Megyek, 10. These Woods are Ancient.

Best Songs: Tracks 6 & 7

Band Lineup: Andreas Neidhardt & Éva Mag.

Band Website: