Zurisadai - Symphony of the Souls


Hailing from Brazil, Zurisadai brings us their debut EP "Symphony of the Souls" which contains five songs of extreme black metal.  This is twenty-one minutes of real black metal without the keyboard fluff.  Yes, I can hear the gasping now...Christian black metal  without keyboards!  Definitely a rare happening.  The guitars are very raw and the vocals remind me of a cross between Horde and Vomoth, only not as good as either band.  Actually though, the vocals are  probably the band's strongest point.  The drumming is decent, but sometimes it seems like he gets tired and starts to slow.  Nothing even halfway as good as Horde put out.  Production-wise, this album is average.  The drums occasionally sound like they are going to blow your speakers and the guitars sound slightly muffled, but I've heard much worse.  Lyrically, the band is very bold for Christ and sings all the songs in English.  They actually do a little anti-Satanism lyrics (ala Horde) in the song "True Repayment".  The packaging, while not elaborate, is very well done with good artwork and band photos.  Zurisadai has some potential, but they need quite a bit of work.  (Review by Matt)



Oh, where to start with this!  This is a 3 piece band from Brazil consisting of Cabode Jezreel on bass and vocals, Mesezabel on guitars, and Lord Jeozadoque on drums.  I have always wanted to hear what more of the scene was like in Brazil and I hope not all the  bands sound like this!  This is just dumb!  The vocals seem to fit.  I like those alot.  I like the riffs and the feel the band gives off.  Sounds like they are trying to do that mid-paced primitive black metal style.  The problem is this drummer that can't use a decent name is HORRIBLE!  I bet this guy has been playing a week because that's what it sounds like.  The band is trying, but they are trying way too hard and thus making this a lame outing from the band.  I would say that this is a band that should definitely give up, but there is a little potential to drive this band.  However, at the same time, they are playing a style that is dying so fast, that this band would get laughed at.  Well, just looking at pictures makes you laugh.  However, this cd is not worth spending money on unless you are a die hard collector.  Good try but better try next time!!!!!  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)