Inversion - The Nature of Depravity


If you are into just brutal, bash-your-skull-in death metal with nothing super groundbreaking than Inversion will be sure to satisfy. "The Nature of Depravity" is a head-banging feast from start to finish...almost. They do throw in some different musical styles like black metal every once in a while, and they also occasionally let us hear some semi-blackish vocals, but for the most part, Inversion just pounds away with brutal death metal that leaves your head spinning. The version I'm reviewing is a special pre-release picture disc that has a cool, horrifying picture of some demons burning in flames on the CD itself. This part is great, but not having a CD booklet with lyrics is a bummer, especially since the lyrics are quite difficult to understand most of the time. The music here is extremely heavy and very tight. The drumming, while not flashy is very solid. The vocal are very deep and growly. Almost as deep as say Crimson Thorn. Inversion will sometimes play at a lightening fast pace, but they can slow the pace quite efficiently. Picking favorite songs can be hard. A lot of the songs are similar in sound, but fear not, there is plenty variety. I'd have to say songs like "If Not Emasculated", "Defilement", and "Independence" stand out, but overall I like every song. One big surprise was track #6 "Thieves". This is a slow acoustic song, that is actually very well done. However, the death vocals at the end do make it sound a little weird. This CD also has Inversion's 4 track EP "Tarsus Burning" as bonus tracks at the end. The production isn't as good, but it's a cool surprise for those who never bought their first release. Overall, if you like decent death metal, this would be a fine pick-up.  (Review by Matt)



Well having had this album for quite a long time.. it's obvious I can give it the review I have been meaning to give it for some time.  It starts off wanting to rip you apart.  The guitar tone is great and the drums pummel.  Fast double bass and a quick temp on the snare.  As the album goes on, it shifts through various types of styles.  In some ways it has its good moments.  The whole album was produced well.  The drums sound great, the guitars sound great.  Good riffs for the most part throughout the disk.  Now you are probably thinking I like this disk.  Well, get those thoughts completely out of your head!  This album is quite lame.  Now let me explain why.  Being a great big fan of drums and knowing alot about drumming, this drummer does NOT know how to do a proper drum fill or a filling role.  He is very solid, but let me say that listening to this is like listening to a pre-programmed drum machine with an occasional "fill" button like a keyboard would have.  Matter of fact, it's not even that good for the most part.  The vocals...well let's just say that this guy at the time of recording this album has no idea what he's doing.  You hear him crack and bleek throughout the whole album.  He's definitely not singing through the diaphram.  It's all throat with no emotions.  Then when you get to track 6 entitled "Thieves", you just want to throw up.  The singing (actual trying an attempt at clean vocals) are so out of key that even a dog would run and hide.  This supposed singing is sung over acoustic guitars like a campfire ballad.  I thought this was a death metal album?!!  Then comes their black metal songs and parts they put in songs.  Ok, these I can actually stomach, but why did they do these on a death metal album?  This seems like the kind of band that feels that they can do anything they want and be accepted.  Wrong!  At least in my book you can't and it should not even be attempted!  If you are going to make a death metal album, make the whole thing death metal or don't make it at all.  Now although this isn't the worst I have heard, it's pretty far down my list of good albums.  But I won't say it is completely horrible.  Nice try at an album, but I'd pass in buying this.  The message in the lyrics is great though so that gets an extra credit point!  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)