Grinding Spiritual Death Compilation

From the people that brought you the somewhat embarrassing compilation called U.S. White Metal Assault, comes the second U.S. compilation called Grinding Spiritual Death.  As you might expect, the music is in the death/grind genre this time instead of black metal.  First off I must say, while this isn't a super high-quality blockbuster release, this is a good step forward in comparison to it's black metal predecessor.  What you have offered up here is 21 brutal, grinding death metal songs on disc 1 and disc 2 which features a live concert from Grave Defier, along with a 4-song demo from Dissolve Being...both bands also appear on disc 1.

As a whole, most of the bands on this compilation are at least decent.  While some of them could stand some serious work, none of them make complete fools of themselves like on the black metal compilation.  Standout bands on disc one include Encryptor (who give us a new song and a redone old song), Grave Defier, Dissolve Being, Impending Doom (minus the sometimes squealing pig-sounding vocals...what the heck is that?!!), Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Benevolence, and Crimson Thorn.  Production is somewhat below average on most of the songs, and if you want to compare...the Crimson Thorn song has the best production.  While CT has decent production on their most current CD, I've still heard numerous complaints even about the production on that disc.  So, if you can stand some sub-par production...ala trash can drums and fuzzy/muffled guitars at times, then you should be fine listening to this disc.  If you want the production of bands like Opeth or Bolt Thrower than you will be disappointed here.  Of the standout bands, I would love to hear some of them with kick-butt production, as I think some of them have some great potential.  There are also a few disappointing bands as well, but it is mostly due more to horrible production or faking sounding drum machines than anything else.

Disc two features a concert by Grave Defier, which has decent sound, but you never once hear any kind of crowd.  So maybe by "live", they just mean live in studio.  The 4-song demo is by Dissolve Being which I've reviewed before and you can find here: .

Packaging, while sporting some color this time, is still pretty simple and underground.  Their are no lyrics or liner notes to speak of except for a small message from Felipe Diez of Dysmorphic Records.  They did include a print out with website/contact info for the bands on the disc.  As far as ordering info goes, I couldn't find anything that told me where to buy the disc.  If you're interested, let me know and I'll get in contact with the guys who sent me the disc and I'll pass your information along to them.

Rating: 50/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Dysmorphic Records

Total Songs: 21 on disc 1 and 11 on disc 2.

Total Time:  Disc 1 - 65:12.  Disc 2 - 34:47.

Tracklisting Disc One: 1. Impending Doom - Condemnation, 2. Grave Defier - Demon Hacticianer, 3. Encryptor - He Was Beheaded, 4. Dissolve Being - Twisted Wretch, 5. Servant - Rip Me Open, 6. Chains of Bondage - Rapture, 7. Divine Heretic - Eternal Suffering, 8. God's Hand Killers - Slithering, 9. Zombie Devourment - Zombie Devourment, 10. Tehillah - Ascription, 11. Divine Rites - Trial of the Impure, 12. Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 13. Transfigural Form - The Emptiness, 14. Servant - Invoke, 15. Encryptor - Misfortuned at Birth (Modified), 16. Divine Heretic - Summon the Blood, 17. God's Hand Killers - Bootless Blood Sale, 18. Horsemen of the Apocalypse - The Call for the Lamb Dismemberment, 19. Transfigural Form - Blood, 20. Benevolence - The Suicide Pillars, 21. Crimson Thorn - Lack of Compassion.  Tracklisting Disc Two: 1. Grave Defier - Regurgitated into Hell (Live), 2. Grave Defier - Alma Demacrada (Live), 3. Grave Defier - Arise from Your Grave (Live), 4. Grave Defier - Butchering Satan (Live), 5. Grave Defier - Impotent Baphomet (Live), 6. Grave Defier - Tribute to Cookie Monster (Live), 7. Grave Defier - Life Through Suffering (Live), 8. Dissolve Being - Flesh Denied, 9. Dissolve Being - In Any Tortured Moment, 10. Dissolve Being - And I Walk this Path, 11. Dissolve Being - Chocking Controllably.

Best Songs:  Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, 20, & 21.

Band Lineup: N/A

Band Website: N/A