Eterna - The Gate


Let's cut to the chase.  If you like power metal than this disc is a must.  Eterna hails from Brazil, and this dual vocalist band shreds through twelve songs that left me very impressed.  If you toss in Sonata Arctica, early Rhapsody, Narnia, and Sacred Warrior in a pot and stir well, you'll get a little bit of an idea of what Eterna has to offer.  Powerful vocals, terrific musicianship, and very well-written songs.  They even get a little Mike Lee (Barrencross) attitude going in the vocals in the song "The Winter".  This album is VERY addicting.   I usually switch CD's back and forth all day, but when I'm in an Eterna mood I usually will listen to it all day long.  Every time I finish the last song, I usually can't think of anything else I'd rather listen to, so I hit play again.  This is definitely a band that I'm going to have to go after their back catalog.  

Despite an overall fine production, the drum sound can get a little annoying.  Also, at times the vocals seem a little strained.  Other than that, this CD is top notch.  The songs are full of passion, which many bands lack today.  One listen to awesome tunes like "Fly Away", ""Fight", or the speedy "Sea of Lights", and I dare you to tell me that this stuff isn't quality.  They also do two extremely moving ballads called "Living Word" and "Amazing Shepherd".  Eterna is a Catholic band, but most of the lyrics will still appeal to Protestants.  The lyrics are actually quite worshipful at times.  They also do a terrific job with the packaging.  The artwork is really cool and the booklet contains lyrics (all in English) and tons of band photos.  I highly recommend this release.  (Review by Matt)