Haven - Age of Darkness


Well, I'll be honest here.  I know very little about this band.  I have no idea where they are from or when this album was released.  But I do know this style very well!  Haven's second album "Age of Darkness" is a masterpiece!  This album is a very big step up from what I heard from their first album!  They must have learned to play or something.  Anyways, this album is packed with 11 songs and is quite a listening experience producing hooky and catchy rhythms!  This is mostly borderline thrash and power metal in a mix that really reminisces Metal Church, Loudness, and Queensryche!  It gets quite melodic but still drives you to nod your head as you listen. The vocals are clean and this guy does a superb job!  I really couldn't tell you who this guy sounds like.  Maybe David Wayne mixed with Geoff Tate?  Hmm...well it's good.  His range isn't really high but he stays well within the safe range without overdoing it to sound dumb.  I am curious why these guys have quit playing though!  Another album like this and these guys would definitely have been on the metal map!  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)