Daniel Band - Run from the Darkness

One year after the release of 1983's Straight Ahead, the Daniel Band kicked it up a notch for Run from the Darkness.  Musically they leaned towards a heavier sound, and they also added more aggression to their hard rock/metal style, reminiscent of AC/DC, Barnabas, Jerusalem, and Rush.  The album opens up with two strong songs, but the third track, "Walk on the Water", is where the band hit their stride.  To me it seemed like the rest of the album took off from there.  The fifth track, "Sixteen" shows off their AC/DC influences big time.  Don't think this band is a clone though. If you want a more AC/DC influenced band, then I'd look up X-Sinner.  The Daniel Band may take some influences, but never do you really feel that they are out to copy another band's sound.   

Overall, I'd say that this is a better album than their Straight Ahead disc.  It's more consistent and has less filler.  Although that album cover...ouch!  That's some bad stuff.  Like their previous album, Retroactive Records has re-released this album in 2006 after their previous double disc re-release went out of print.  The album has been digitally re-mastered and includes three bonus.  Two are songs from their 1980 demo, and the other bonus is the video for the song "Walk on the Water."  The video itself is quite hilarious.  Not that the band meant it to be funny, but it's a riot watching the guys head bang with their crazy outfits and hair-do's. 

Rating: 84/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Retroactive Records

Total Songs: 11

Total Time: 43:54

Tracklisting: 1. Don't Give Up, 2. Run from the Darkness, 3. Walk on the Water, 4. Never Gonna Die, 5. Sixteen, 6. Live Connection, 7. Let's Get Ready, 8. Walls, 9. It's Over, 10. My Children (1980 demo), 11. In the Sky (1980 demo).

Best Songs: Tracks 3 & 5.

Band Lineup: Matt Delduca - Drums/Percussion, Bill Findlay - Rhythm Guitar/Strings/Synthesizer/Korg Poly 6/Salt Shaker/Vocals, Dan McCabe - Bass/Fretless Bass/Lead Vocals/Vocal Harmonies, Tony Rossi - Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/12 String Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Whammy Bar/Vocals/Lead Vocals.

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