Manowar - The Sons of Odin

No stranger to fans of heavy metal, Manowar is here releasing their first mini album.  This two disc release comes in a nice digipak w/cardboard sleeve.  Disc one is a CD with 3 brand new songs and 2 exclusive live tracks from the band's live performance at Earthshaker Fest 2005.  Disc two is a DVD with a 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of the album along with a slideshow, a rehearsal of "Heart of Steel" with a choir and orchestra before a performance, a promotional trailer for Earthshaker Fest 2005, and a Fan Convention Documentary that was actually really cool at first and gave a great glimpse into the band and their fans, but eventually turned in a near-porno.  So it's basically one of those things that you'll never watch more than once if you have any morals at all.

As for the music on the disc, this is classic Manowar.  Heavy metal played thunderously loud and with passion.  Two of the songs are basically instrumentals, then there is the great song "King of Kings" that will have you singing along all day along with it's catchy chorus and up-tempo pace.  Next up is the fantastic new anthem "Gods of War" with lyrics that will cause any live audience to shout in unison, and soaring guitars that you can't help but play air guitar to.  And then there is the solid, fist-pumping classic, "The Sons of Odin."  If you are a fan of Manowar or bands like Rhapsody this is definitely something you will have no problems getting into.  The only problem is the small amount of music since this only clocks in at 24 minutes.

Rating: 79/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Metal Blade Records

Total Songs: 5

Total Time: 24:52

Tracklisting: 1. The Ascension (Live), 2. King of Kings (Live), 3. Odin, 4. God's of War, 5. The Sons of Odin.

Best Songs: Tracks 2 & 4

Band Lineup: Eric Adams - Vocals, Scott Columbus - Drums & Percussion, Karl Logan - Guitar & Keyboards, Joey DeMaio - 4 String, 8 String, Piccolo, Bass Guitars, & Keyboards

Band Website: