Zao - Liberate te ex inferis (Save Yourself from Hell)


Well, Solid State records stated that this may be the scariest and coolest record ever made. I wouldn't got that far, but this disc does have a very dark feel. It's still definitely Zao, but it is a better and more mature sounding record than "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest." Zao has produced one stinkin' heavy record here. It is VERY intense, from the ripping guitars, to the rumbling bass, to some of the best drums sounds I've ever heard on a Christian record. Zao starts off with an awesome intro song that sets the stage perfectly for the scary music to come. There is not a weak song on this album. Even the redone version of "Skin Like Winter" sounds more raw and heavier than the original. The lyrics are awesome. They definitely make you think, but once you start figuring out what they are trying to get across you start to think that they spent a lot of time on them. "The Ghost Psalm", is probably my favorite song, lyric and music wise. It pounds you over the head with heaviness then comes to a screeching halt in mid-song as a whispered vocal comes in at the same pace as the guitars and drums were playing whispering "One last glance, one last look, one last touch, a ghost to those I love." Immediately the guitars and drums come screaming back into the mix. Very nicely done. "Desire the End" is another cool song. He talks all the way through about desiring the end of the world, and Armaggedon, and complete destruction, but then at the end he says, "I desire the end, I desire the new beginning, I desire the absence of death...", showing that there is hope in the end for those who believe in Christ. The last song, "Man in Cage Jack Wilson" is great. You can almost invision someone in a cage trying to get out. The drums keep getting faster and more intense and the song progresses only to slow back down at the end. A man and women are talking in the background and the man says, "I won't go back there, I won't." Almost like he's saying that he found freedom from the cage and now refuses to go back - cool! This album is based on "Dante'e Inferno" which is part one of the three part "Divine Comedy" by Dante. The album is broken up into five sections labeled the Five Circles of Hell - Limbo, The Lustful, The Gluttonous, The Hoarders and the Spendthrifts, and The Wrathful.  The CD booklet is also very well done.  Overall, a pretty cool album.  If you like the previous Zao, chances are you'll like this album.  (Review by Matt)