Mammuth - Embraced

With all of the re-releases from Retroactive Records, one sometimes can look past the other wing of their label...Brutal Planet Distribution.  While some of the releases carried by BPD are much "calmer" then all the metal and industrial re-releases on Retroactive, there are some bands that rock hard and do it with passion and a great deal of talent.  Mammuth is one such band.  This Swedish five-piece wouldn't fall in the metal category in my opinion, but more along the lines of emo/hardcore mixed with modern rock.  While that may turn most of you off right away, fans of bands like Blindside, Selfmindead, Kutless, and Spoken will dig this band big time.  The music is a mix between brutal, crazy hardcore, hard rock, and funky modern rock with vocals that range from insane screaming ala Blindside to emotional clean singing that is of much higher quality than most whiny emo singers.  They even do some Galactic Cowboys type singing in the song "Graceland".  Production on this disc is very solid and the packaging comes in a very nice digipak that unfortunately does not include any lyrics.

I've not heard their first full length, but this follow up EP seems to be pretty decent.  I'll also have a review of their brand new full length coming soon.  I've looked around for a place to buy this album and Retroactive Records/Brutal Planet Distribution may be your best bet along with this website:  

Rating: 84/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Talking Music/Brutal Planet Distribution

Total Songs: 4

Total Time: 19:56

Tracklisting: 1. Embraced, 2. Graceland, 3. Du Är Mitt Ljus, 4. Star of Hope.

Best Songs: Track 1 & 2.

Band Lineup: Daniel Jakobsson, Mikael Larsson, Carl-Magnus Palm, Henrik "Honken" Olofsson, and Daniel Backman.

Band Website: