Wisdom Call - s/t


Wisdom Call is a new band, but the band members are not new to the style they play. With members from power metal bands Narnia and Stormwind, Wisdom Call brings immediate respect to the table. The biggest influence you'll probably notice is Narnia because their lead singer Christian Liljegren is the singer here. I personally like Narnia better, but Wisdom Call, who has signed with Massacre Records, is no slouch either. The music is fairly similar to Narnia, but usually at a faster pace and slightly heavier. But don't expect a speed fest cause they will slow things down quite often as in songs like "Hold on to the Truth" and "Through Fire". The production is not as sharp as Narnia's latest, but is nothing to really complain about. The musicianship as expected is terrific. Very technical power metal, with lots of heavy riffing and awesome guitar solos. The lyrics are also very well written and bold. The only downer with the lyrics would be a few lines from "Power from the Sky" which has a few cheesy moments, but the song is a good one, so I'll overlook that small mistake. The band covers 3 songs, so only 7 originals are left. One of the covers is Europe's "Wings of Tomorrow", and two others, "15 Years" and "Time" are from an old band called Modest Attraction. "Time" is actually one of my favorite songs on the album. Other favorites would include "Never Satisfied" and "The Lost Generation". Overall, this is a solid first release from Wisdom Call. I wouldn't say it's the best in the genre, but these guys have tremendous talent, and I'd say look out for their next release, cause it will probably be a huge step forward.  (Review by Matt)