Purgation - Realm of the Dead


Purgation is a three-man band from my brother's home state of Louisiana. The band used to go by the name Purge, and with the name change comes a change in my opinion of their new music compared to their previous disc. What they have unleashed here is a very solid release of doom/stoner metal with a fair amount of groove, in the vein of bands like Black Sabbath and Solitude Aeturnus. The music is lethally heavy and tight, and the production is pretty good as well for an indie release. Vocally, Ronnie Griffin does a commendable job. However, my one complaint is that I could use a little more attitude in the vocals. He sounds like he is annoyed a little, but I think hed sound better if he was singing like he was royally ticked off. He does hold back in parts when the song calls for it, but I really like his agressive vocals best. The shining points vocally that I wish he'd pursue more are the bridge on "Realm of the Dead" and the ending of "Eulogy (Part II)".

The artwork is really cool too, but unfortunately, you've gotta go to their website to check out the lyrics since they are not printed on the CD cover. The lyrics, however, are bold, but not too preachy, which should make it easier to get non-believers to listen. It is clear what they believe and the credible music will open doors that would've otherwise be shut. Overall, Im really digging this 4-song EP, which is much better than their debut. This band is certainly worth your time. Check them out at www.purgation.com or www.mp3.com/purgation  (Review by Matt)