Encryptor - Encryption 1999-2006

Another Encryptor "best of" release!?!?!  You better believe it.  Even though Bombworks Records released an earlier version of this album in April of 2005 that included both of Encryptor's releases - Drowning in Flesh & Sermon Decay - a bonus track, and a track by the band Nocturnal Faith, Encryptor felt that the re-release didn't really do them justice due to the songs being re-released in the same manner that they were originally recorded.  So, this time the band re-released this slightly different version with re-mastered and re-edited songs, completely new artwork, slightly different song arrangement and tracklisting, and a new bonus track not on the previous release. 

The biggest difference here is the production.  While it's still not a world-class recording, the level of consistency between tracks, which had been pretty bad, is much better.  This is still underground stuff, but it's received a much-deserved facelift.  This is ultra-brutal death grind that actually sounds decent now for the most part instead of being completely muddy in some places and mega thin in others.

As for the songs, here is the difference in the tracklisting for those who are curious...and even for those of you who aren't.          

Encryption (2006 Release)                                           Cryptic Works (2005)

1. Infernal Catastrophy                                                1. Infernal Catastrophy

2. Post Mortem Soul                                                    2. Post Mortem Soul

3. Prophecy of Infinity                                                3. Prophecy of Infinity

4. Portal of Demonic Torment                                      4. The Price of Submission

5. The Price of Submission                                           5. Misfortuned at Birth

6. Into the Lives of the Unblessed                                 6. Into the Lives of the Unblessed

7. Misfortuned at Birth                                                 7. Portal of Demonic Torment

8. Drowning in Ignorance                                              8. Drowning in Ignorance

9. Rebrutalization                                                        9. Cast into Darkness

10. Sermon Decay                                                       10. Rebrutalization

11. Horrific Engenderment                                           11. Sermon Decay

12. Vomit Congregation                                               12. Horrific Engenderment

13. Everything Must Decompose                                   13. Vomit Congregation

14. Bloodflow Towards Salvation                                  14. Images of Tragedy

15. He Was Beheaded                                                  15. Everything Must Decompose

                                                                                 16. Bloodflow Towards Salvation

                                                                                 17. Nocturnal Faith (Bonus Track)


And finally, as I stated above, the lyrics are included this time around and the artwork, while good on the last release, is much better this time around.  As much as I love the guys at Bombworks, if you haven't picked up this release yet, I'd go with this newer version.  And if you are a big Encryptor fan and already have the first re-release...you may or may not find enough here to convince you to spend the extra money.  Either way, here's hoping the next Encryptor release is a full length with all new material.

Rating: 71/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Alcance Subterraneo Producciones

Total Songs: 15

Total Time: 63:22

Tracklisting: 1. Infernal Catastrophy, 2. Post Mortem Soul, 3. Prophecy of Infinity, 4. Portal of Demonic Torment, 5. The Price of Submission, 6. Into the Lives of the Unblessed, 7. Misfortuned at Birth, 8. Drowning in Ignorance, 9. Rebrutalization, 10. Sermon Decay, 11. Horrific Engenderment, 12. Vomit Congregation, 13. Everything Must Decompose, 14. Bloodflow Towards Salvation, 15. He Was Beheaded.

Best Songs: Tracks 2, 8, 9, 14, & 15.

Band Lineup: Phil Diez

Band Website: http://www.encryptoronline.com or http://www.myspace.com/encryptor