Aletheian - Apolutrosis

Ahhh...what a breath of fresh air! I love all forms of extreme metal, but sometimes bands can become so predictable. Many bands are very talented in what they do, but they really do nothing creative. They just blast away in utter extremeness. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. I enjoy a good skull bashing as much as the next metalhead. But every once-in-a-while, I really crave a band that goes the extra mile to make your listening experience something fresh and innovative.

Aletheian used to go by the name Crutch and you can read the review of their album Hope Prevails by following the link on the reviews page. However, what I am hearing on this new disc, Apolutrosis, is some very interesting stuff! Now, I couldn't tell you what Apolutrosis means, or most of the song titles for that matter, but I can tell you that if you like your metal "well-done" this is a disc you gotta check out.

On first listen, this kinda reminds me of what it would sound like if the now defunct band, Dig Hay Zoose were to decide to come back as a death metal band. Dig Hay Zoose played some really demented and wacked-out stuff and it really reminds me of the sounds here. However, the band also incorporates many other "influences" ranging from Raison d'Etre, to Saviour Machine, to Screams of Chaos, to maybe even Kekal. While still retaining a similarity to what little I heard from their first disc.

This is a concept album that seems to take you on a spiritual journey as a person fights with the weights and trials of life only to find the answers in Christ. The story is actually much deeper than what I'm going into here. The lyrics are very well written and you can check them out on the bands website: 

The songs here are all over the place. From ambient, to lethal death metal, to soft acoustic, to plodding heaviness, to meandering guitar solos, to speedy finger picking on the acoustic, to gothic choirs, to Gregorian chanting, to soothing piano, to blastbeats, to funky bass solos, to just plain pummeling, chaotic, bone rattling brutality. Vocally, the band goes from deathly growls, to demented clean vocals, to whispered vocals, to high pitched wailing. Never a dull moment, and never settling for sticking with the same sound for more than a few moments.

The production is very nicely done and with the exception of some pretty plain packaging, this indie release is a must for anyone tired of the same old nicely boxed-in bands. Aletheian has dared to step out on a limb with this technical and progressive slab of metal. In this reviewer's opinion, it was a risk worth taking and was nicely executed.

Rating: 84/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Independent

Total Songs: 8

Total Time: 34:59

Tracklisting: 1. Hamartia: Exordium, 2. Hamartia: Movement II, 3. Exaleiphein: Movement I, 4. Exaleiphein: Movement II, 5. Splagchna, 6. Xenos: Movement I, 7. Xenos: Movement II, 8. Benediction.

Best Songs: Track 2.

Band Lineup: Alex Kenis - Guitars/Acoustic Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Samples/Clean Vocals, Donny Swigart - Guitars, Joel Thorpe - Vocals, Travis Turner - Drums.

Band Website: