Redeem - A Diadem of Beauty


Man, this CD totally rules!! Where did these guys come from??? This is totally insane and brutal metalcore at its finest. Take Zao "Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest", make it faster and heavier, make the vocals slightly more gutteral (kinda like a mix between Zao and Embodyment "Embrace..."), and then throw in bits and pieces from tons of your favorite hardcore/metalcore bands like Eso-Charis, Unashamed, Strongarm, Focused, and many more, and there you have Redeem. Now these guys are not a copy of anyone, you can just hear tons of influences all wrapped up into one band. I'd have to say that this is definitely the best metalcore album to come out so far this year. Of course, Living Sacrifice will have their say later in the year. I've been listening to this album non-stop for 8 days and I can't find one single thing I don't like. The songs just keep getting bigger and better. Top that off with terrific lyrics and packaging and you got a release that will find its place in your CD player quite frequently. As far as the songs go, every one is amazing. These guys (excuse the carnage) will beat you to a bloody stump. Can you say heavy and tight? Zao is a big influence in the vocals, but as I said they can get more gutteral at times. They also mix in lots of spoken word and some awesome long, deathly growls (kinda like Mortification used to do). All the songs are great, but they saved the best for last in my opinion. My favorite song is "Memories Change to Forgiveness". The song is amazing. I keep hitting the repeat button after I hear it. It's probably the heaviest and fastest song on the album. "Persecution Stands to Uplift" starts off the album with a bang. Great song with great lyrics..."I thank them, for their plan to bring me down has made me rise above. The more they persecute me, the stronger I grow." Wow! "Ballad of Rememberance" starts off with bagpipes and a thunderstorm in the background (kinda like a funeral setting), then proceeds at a lighter pace for most of the song before pummelling you to end it out. The start of "New Fire From Within" sounds like Virgin Black from the Rowe Productions Compilation a few years back, but quickly shifts back into metalcore mode. Screams of "Deny the Downfall" at the end are addicting. You'll be saying it all day. Other awesome songs include "Dead at Heart", "The Growth of Separation", "Tearing at the Walls of His Temple", and "Seeing the Light...". What can I say, this band is amazing. If you don't buy this album you need your head examined. Right up there, if not better, than most of Solid State's metalcore/hardcore bands - Zao, TFU, Spitfire, etc.  (Review by Matt)