Apologetix - Keep the Change


Well, the next Apologetix release is upon us.  Is it any better than the disappointing "Spoofernatural"?  I say, yes.  I'm not sure if I like it better than "Biblical Graffiti", but it is definitely a step up from their last release.  The song selection is much better here.  I really wish they would do some parodies on heavier old songs, but I guess Limp Biskit and Papa Roach is an improvement over the Oak Ridge Boys and The Backstreet Boys.  It sounds like the band has improved musically on this release.  They seem to really get a lot closer to the original songs than on their previous releases.  And the problem with cheesy lyrics on "Spoofernatural" is pretty much gone here except for the leadoff track.  I can handle humorous lyrics, but I get turned off by cheesy ones.

They've picked some pretty good songs to do parodies on this time and some of the better ones include: "Monkey Scheme" (Parody on the theme from the "Monkees), "Bethlehemian Rhapsody" (Parody of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen), "Christmasnite" (Parody of "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down), and "You Booked Me All Along" (Parody of "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC).  The Monkees parody has some pretty cool lyrics against the foolishness of evolution.  Other good songs include parodies of Blink 182, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Three Dog Night, The Beatles, and Led Zepplin.  The weak songs here are parodies of Eminem and Elton John, mostly because I don't like rap and I've always disliked Elton John.

Overall, this is a much improved release that gets this band back on track. Not much to grab onto for the brutal music fan, but at least for the open-minded people there are a few more rockier songs than last time. (Review by Matt)