Balance of Power - Ten More Tales...


 Have been yearning for some good ol' power/progressive metal with songs that stick in your head for days?  If so, then you are in for a treat.  Balance of Power, who recently signed with Massacre Records, will satisfy that yearning, and more.  "Ten More Tales..." is Balance of Powers' third album and what a fine album it is!  The vocals here are very addictive and very powerful.  Lance King never gets very aggressive, but his vocals fit the music perfectly.  Occasionally, he'll hit some high notes, but never does it sound strained.  The background vocals are also very well done.  The music is top notch from start to finish.  The guitars are nice and heavy at times, and then at times they are absolutely beautiful.  Guitar solos abound and serve to only make things better.  They also use keyboards quite frequently which add tons atmosphere.  My favorite songs would have to be "Savage Tears", "Sins of the World" and "Prisoner of Pride".  The lyrics are very original and sometimes a little deep.  Listeners who want "Jesus, Jesus.." every line will be disappointed, but the band does serve up many good topics. They even throw in a ballad called "The Darker Side" which is very well done.  As for the CD artwork, it is very high quality.  The layout is about as good as they come.

If you are into great metal with huge hook-filled choruses than I can't see anyone not liking Balance of Power.  I highly recommend them.  (Review by Matt)