Disciple - This Might Sting a Little


The title of this album is a bit of an understatement. I'm not a big fan of most of the bands on Rugged Records, but you just can't help but love this band. I know that Disciple is just about ready to release their next album, but I had to review this one since I like it so much. The music on this disc, from start to finish, is brutally heavy rock. Easily, the heaviest band on their label. Kevin Young's vocals are very aggressive. Screaming most of the time in sort of a rapcore style - but this isn't rapcore. No ballads here to slow things down. These guys rip and shred their way through 13 amazing songs. "I Just Know" starts things off with "I just know Jesus is the way, I just know Jesus is the truth, I just know Jesus is the life, I just know Jesus is my God!" Just a pointer...if you don't like your lyrics bold for Christ, you're in the wrong place. These guys don't mince words and they will basically drive you to your knees in repentance. "I Just Know" speaks of petty differences that denominations fight over instead of focusing on the main thing - pointing the way to Christ. I could comment on the lyrics of every song, but that would make for one lengthy review, so I'll try to keep it short. "Mud Puddle" has some great lyrics..."I know if I could, I'd really love to let it go. I know that I should turn my cheek for another blow. I should do good when you do me bad. All the forgiveness that my Saviour had." It ends with, "I will repay evil with good. I will release my bitterness. I give you my forgiveness. I hope you liked my flowers." Ouch! We could all learn a thing or two from this song. "Worship Conspiracy" talks of how Muslims will fast for 40 days, but we can't even lift our hands in praise. Pointing out that God deserves more than what we are giving Him. "10 Minute Oil Change" starts off with a cool intro. An old man with a southern accent says, "If lovin' the Lord is wrong...then I don't wanna be right." The song that follows is fast and furious. How do you pick favorites? If I could narrow it down to about 5, I'd say - "Big Bad Wolf", "Mud Puddle", "10 Minute Oil Change", "Bring the Heat", and "Underneath". I absolutely love this band. This is no sissy-faced, mention Jesus just to get noticed and make money band. The emotion conveyed in every song reveals how much these guys believe what they sing. Not to mention the music will beat you over the head, again and again. This CD is a must have.  (Review by Matt)