Secretion - Reborn


 Craving some more death metal?  Well, Secretion has death metal-a-plenty on this new release, "Reborn".  This is brutal, grinding music with mega-deep  growling throughout.  No ballads.  No mellow parts.  Just  blow-the-skin-off-your-face death metal from start to finish.  Is it good  though?  Well, that's the second part of the review. 
Unfortunately, this release is far short of what I was hoping for.  This band has some  potential, but I think they are only scraping the tip of the iceberg here.   Some songs are pretty interesting, like "The Crucifier" or "The Feast", but  for the most part they are just your run-of-the-mill death metal band.  Yes,  it's an album full of brutality, just nothing that stands out from the pack.  It actually gets quite boring at times.  A lot of the songs start sounding similar, which leads one to hit the skip button, or worse yet, the stop button!    There is nothing that grabs you by the neck and forces you to listen. 
Lyrically, the band is bold without ramming it down your throat, but it  takes more than just good lyrics to get people's attention.

The packaging is decent for an indie, but the production is the big setback.  Better production would be a very helpful first step to earning the  respect and attention of the fans you're trying to target.  The next step would
be writing better songs.
If you just can't get enough death metal, then you might find a few things to like about this disc.  Heck, I have one friend that loves it and thinks it's terrific.  However, I must disagree.  You'd probably be safer spending your money on something else.  (Review by Matt)