Mental Destruction - Straw


As far as Christian bands go, this has got to be one of the most innovative and original bands out there. Mental Destruction is way out there. They are unlike any Christian industrial band you've ever heard. Most Christian industrial bands are of the metal hybrid type. Well, MD uses no guitars on this album, yet still manage to make one VERY extreme recording that will rival just about any black metal band in annoying your country/top 40 friends and family to death. This is a haunting and downright scary album. On this, their third album, Samuel and David Durling have created a masterpiece that will live forever as one of the classics in Christian music. Samuel actually has dubbed their style "Orthodox Industrial" as it is a style that is unique to Mental Destruction. This album is full of extremely distorted vocals that sometimes get very agressive and brutal. The "music" is tons of crashes, banging, screams, odd noises, etc... There are very little keyboards used, but the ones that are like in "The Streams of Time" and "September Warning" are very beautiful and gothic sounding. How the Durling's put all these sounds together so well is definitely due to some amazing God-given talent. The lyrics are very well written. In "The Streams of Time", Durling sings, "But created once immortal, our spirits will live on. We die to live forever, if we have known the Son." Another great example is in the song "Thorn"..."The tears our road was made of, was never cried alone. Remembered by the Master, who wept for every thorn." Great stuff! The packaging is also very professional. It is packaged in a cool digipak with a 16 page full color booklet with great artwork. The CD itself is also cool, as it is a picture disc.

I've heard a rumor that Mental Destruction is no more. (This has recently been told to me by Samuel Durling that this is not the case!) If that is true it saddens me cause they are definitely my favorite industrial band of all time. If you like industrial or are just looking for something very different and very extreme, pick up a copy of "Straw". It is difficult to find, but well worth it!  (Review by Matt)