Beyond Sensory Experience - The Dull Routine of Existence

With this, their second release on CMI and sixth release overall, Beyond Sensory Experience delivers yet another masterful performance. While the subject matter of their previous release, The Pursuit of Pleasure, didn't really set well with me, I did make the mention that I would like to hear this band's music with something other than sex as the main focus of the album. And as far as I can tell, without having the artwork and not being able to make out a big majority of what is being said, it looks as if this is a much more digestible release.

Musically, members Drakhon and K. Miezter deliver some beautifully droning dark ambient. The pace is slow and somber as the BSE take you by the hand and show you their world of breathtaking soundscapes of ambient, odd noises, sampled vocals, and even some danceable beats that kinda caught me off-guard. This is music that is sad, melancholy, and eerie and it really reflects the title of the album perfectly, without being dull itself.

If you fans of other dark ambient projects on CMI like Raison d'Ítre or Desiderii Marginis, then Beyond Sensory Experience should be right up your alley.

Rating: 87/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Cold Meat Industry

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 60:01

Tracklisting: 1. They All Say the Same Thing, 2. Closed, 3. Paralysed, 4. The Dull Routine of Existence, 5. Mute Conclusion, 6. Escapism, 7. Futile Resistance, 8. The Dreadful Sun, 9. Walking Through Syrup, 10. Kverulant.

Best Songs: Tracks 4 & 5.

Band Lineup: Drakhon & K. Meister

Band Website: