Vengeance (Rising) - Human Sacrifice


I remember buying the demo of this album for like 10 cents back in the summer of 1989 when one of the local Bible stores was clearing out their old inventory.  I had heard of the band, but never heard them until then.  I was shocked that there was actully Christian music this heavy!  Wow!  This is their first album and it is excellent thrash!  Lot's of superb music and scripture references to go with the lyrics.  This album was originally released without "Rising" as part of their name.  There was another Vengeance band that already had the name, so therefore the addition of "Rising."  All the songs here are very fast, with the exception of the anti-drug song "Mulligan's Stew" that's a little slower and the beginning of "I Love Hating Evil."  This album was re-released with the KMG re-releases.  Talentented musicians and bold scripture-based lyrics, you can't go wrong getting this album.  Gary's Best songs:  "Mulligan's Stew," "From The Dead," and "Ascension." (Review by Gary)