Corpse - From the Grave


 Well, I was in a big death metal mood a while back and wanted a new album really bad.  I got this album used for $8 and was very surprised to find it in absolutely perfect condition when I got it in the mail!  I'd heard one person say this album was a "10", but I'd heard others say it was really boring.  After numerous listens I'd say somewhere inbetween.  This is no "10", but it keeps my interest pretty well.  Kinda some old school death metal - growling vocals, grinding guitars, pounding drums with some occasional blasts.  At times the songs here can start sounding the same, so I can see someone saying that it is boring at times.  As long as it is brutal I can look past that sometimes. 
One big problem here is the production.  It's not horrible and I can crank it without killing my speakers, but it just sounds kinda thin at times.  Doesn't just blow you against the wall.  At times it gets close, but it just lacks the power that you want in a good death metal album.  The music, however, is very heavy and the vocals are deep and growling, but it just seems to be missing something.  Sometimes they get really fast, but sometimes they'll slow it down to almost a doom pace.  The overall feel is very dark and haunting.  Not as haunting as say, Antestor, but pretty haunting.  Let's just put it this way...this ain't no happy music!
The lyrics are very bold.  Mostly dealing with turning to Christ and the evils of sin.  The album cover is also really good.  Cool logo!  However, I hate the back cover.  All the guys standing there...kinda wish they looked a little scarier since the front cover is of a graveyard and the music is brutal and dark.  Somehow a Troy Aikman jersey on one of the guys just seems cheesy.  Favorite songs would be hard to pick, but I think "Faith" and "Black Death" would  be my top choices.
Overall...nothing that will blow you away or turn the world on end, but a fairly solid album that will give you some good headbanging workouts.  (Review by Matt)