Lengsel - Solace


You know how some albums just reach out and grab you and other just have to grow on you. Well, with Lengsel, they reach out and grab you, but then they grow on you as well. I fell in love with this disc the first time I heard it, but the more I listen the more I like. This band is absolutely amazing! I'm having problems coming up with the right words to describe the joy I feel while reviewing this album. I don't usually go song by song in a review, but I can't help but do it here. This is not your "every song sounds similar" black metal. In fact, this is not typical black metal at all. They mix all different styles like thrash, doom, and death. Lengsel is extremely creative. The music is sometimes calm and beautiful and at other times it is extremely heavy and chaotic. The lead singer here is from the mighty Extol, so that gives you a hint that this band will be quality. Anyways...to the music. "Solace" starts off this album with a 1 minute instrumental that defines its title perfectly. Cut 2 is a song called "Revival". The music here is lightning fast with "Horde-like" black vocals. They also add in some clean singing vocals and well-placed keys to add a high level of emotion to this awesome song. They use the back and forth alot with black/clean vocals like Extol, but they sound nothing like Extol. "Opaque" is next. The keyboard intro sounds kinda similar to the intro on Betrayal's "Reniassance by Death" album. (I haven't listened to that album in a few years so I could be way off on this). Anyways...very soon after the heavy as stink guitars come ripping in. The cool thing is that the keyboard sound used in the intro is found all through the song, but it is played at a different pace then the guitars. It sounds kinda freaky, like two songs are going on at the same time. I love it! "Hours" is next blasting through at breakneck speed. It slows down at mid-song where some spoken vocals come in. The drums and guitars come back somewhat as you hear piercing female screams and the sound of someone crying in the background. Then they go to some acoustic guitar strumming which then gives way to an ear-piercing scream as the heavy guitars and drums come flying back in. I love this band!!! "Coat of Arms" is next. It starts off with a piano intro which is suddenly interrupted by the massive guitars. They use clean vocals on this song as well. "Stille Dualisme" is the next cut. It has a cool organ intro. This song is sung in Norwegian with lots of clean vocals mixed in with the black vocals. A piano can quite often be heard behind the guitars in the background in this song. An acoustic guitar chimes in at the end as the clean vocals finish as the song fades. "The World Monotone" follows with hypnotic and heavy music. You'll hear the occassional keys in the background. This song also has some hypnotic, sinister sounding clean vocals which sound cool. An acoustic comes in near the end and you think the song will end that way, but then the guitars come screaming back with the black vocals. "Avmakt" ends the album. Another Norwegian lyrics song. The guitar starts off very fast which suddenly halts as an acoustic guitar comes strumming in. There are clean vocals singing with guitars then the lighting fast with black vocals returns. This song has a minute long beautiful piano solo in the middle. The acoustic and drums join in then the heavy guitars. The song closes with the acoustic guitar sounding very haunting. Wow!! I love it, I love it, I love it. If you like extreme music, this album is a must. I can find nothing I dislike about it, and I've listened to it over and over. It seems like a short album, but it clocks in at over 43 minutes. I guess I'm just craving more. Like SolidState Records said when advertising this band...you will be totally satisfied.  (Review by Matt)