Extol - Limited Edition 7" Vinyl


After hearing that they were only making 400 of this Limited Edition Vinyl, I figured that I would never get to hear the previously unreleased song, "Human Frailtie's Grave". Much to my excitement, I was able to get my hands on a copy. Ever since hearing "Reflections of a Broken Soul" on an HM sampler over 2 years ago, Extol has been one of my favorite bands. That makes having this release a very special priviledge. Side one of this vinyl has the song "And I Watch" from Extol's "Undeceived" album. Being one of the best songs on that record, it was a great choice to include here. With lightening fast technical music, deathly vocals, and great lyrics, it's a classic Extol song. Side two has the previously unreleased song "Human Frailtie's Grave". And what an awesome song it is (as is every Extol song). It could have easily fit right in on "Undeceived". The song starts with some soft, haunting sounding guitar and spoken word vocals (which is kinda rare for Extol). Soon after the heaviness kicks in. There are some fast parts to this song, but as a whole the music is much slower paced than a song like "And I Watch". The growling vocals, like on all other Extol songs, are very well done. The soft (and demented) sounding guitar comes in again near the end of the song with spoken, but growled vocals. The songs ends with a heavy demented sounding guitar playing, which ends very abruptly. Just 2 songs, a little over 9 minutes, but definitely worth the trip. I feel very fortunate to own this release. If you have any chance to get this from someone, don't pass it up. Thank you to Extol and Endtime Productions for releasing this gem of a collector's item.  (Review by Matt)