Revelation Project - s/t

Ok, this album is 76 minutes, but I swear it feels like 76 hours.  Revelation Project is a new band that actually recorded this album back in February of 2005.  This progressive rock/metal band plays decent here on this huge undertaking of a first album.  This is a concept album about a guy who is "imprisoned for his belief in Christ.  While in captivity, he is reminded that the fate of unbelievers will be far worse. He envisions what the end of the world might be like. Those visions are taken from the Biblical book of Revelation. The entire set ends with the captive singer reaffirming that his suffering in his belief will not go unrewarded, and singing words of praise to God, in the form of a traditional church doxology that was originally written in 1551." 

Stylistically, the band has numerous influences like Saviour Machine, Dream Theater, Shadow Gallery, and Neal Morse among others.  I would say they aren't close to being as good as any of those bands, but they do make a good effort.  There is a lot of passion in their performance, but despite that, this just doesn't really do much for me.  Being a huge fan of Saviour Machine, anybody approaching an end times-like theme on an album needs more than just a good story for me to be impressed.  Saviour Machine set the bar in that respect, and Revelation Project, while having some interesting moments here and there, falls short of the mark.  There is some quality musicianship here (especially in some of the guitar playing), but the sometimes un-exciting vocals and long....LONG...time on this album keeps me from getting too thrilled about this band.

Rating: 63/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Independent

Total Songs: 14

Total Time: 76:29

Tracklisting: 1. Revelation, 2. Decay, 3. Children, 4. Falling, 5. Liars, 6. Marked, 7. Martyrs, 8. Judgment, 9. Promise, 10. Millennium, 11. Eternity, 12. Glory, 13. Delivered, 14. Doxology.

Best Songs: Tracks 2, 3, 5, & 10.

Band Lineup: Tom Bender - Lead Vocals, Dave Jonathan - Bass, Russ Stack - Drums & Percussion, Graeme Swallow - Lead Guitar/Keyboards, Chelsea Wagner - Keyboards.

Band Website: