Deliverance - Learn


When this album was released back in 1993 (though the copyright date states 1992) most Deliverance fans had realized that the days of speed metal from Deliverance were over.  Overall, most fans of Deliverance prefer the speed metal sound on their "Weapons of Our Warfare" album, but I've found a lot of people who easily say "Learn" is one of their favorites from them.  I agree.  The material on this record is top-notch.  The music is very well written and played; mixing hard metal with some keyboards.  There's some acoustic guitar work and every now and then you hear some sounds that remind you of the old Deliverance days.  This album also features some of the best vocal work from Jimmy Brown.  Lyrically, this album really has a lot of emotion; everything from faith to faults to focus.  The title of the record really embraces the concept of the album and is even more meaningful to those that are struggling with their past.  It's more directed at Christians and not so much to the lost, but at the same time I find it to be refreshing.  Whether you've struggled with your own faults in the past or are struggling at this point, you'll find you can easily identify with the issues covered on this album and interpret them in your own way.  It's a humbling album that makes you think and hopefully learn.  Favorite songs: "Learn," "Who Am I," and "Sanctuary"  (Review by Gary)