Final Axe - The Axe of the Apostles

I must say, I sometimes get a little leery when I see bands release new albums when they haven't in quite some time.  Sometimes it's a grand return and sometimes it's a disaster.  Now granted, the vocals and guitars for this album were recorded back in 1990, but the rest of the instruments and finishing touches were completed in 2006.  It's cool for long time fans of this band to finally hear these songs that were never released, but is this something that the rest of us can enjoy too.  

Well, I'd have to say that I've enjoyed this...a little.  Pick one or two songs out and play them mixed in with some other stuff and I'm okay with that.  But as a whole, I really started to get bored with this disc.  It has it's moments, but it's just too....for lack of a better term..."blah", in my opinion.  The choruses for instance...most if not all of them are just the title of the song shouted.  Co'mon guys...a little creativity here and there would be nice.  You know, mix it up a little.  The music is some pretty heavy thrash/power metal, and you even have Robert Sweet (Stryper) on drums, but it just fails short in my book.  And speaking of the drums, it's great to have a big name guy playing your drums, but at least give us a decent drum SOUND.  The drums sound pretty lame here for the most part.  The vocals are gritty, aggressive and dirty, but again...they seem to hit a wall after a while and don't go any further.  It's like you're left feeling that something was missing.  One thing though...ya gotta love the insanely fast guitar playing on "Vengeance is Mine."

Earlier today I popped in some Avenger of Blood and it just blew this stuff out of the water (not exactly the same style, but you have the comment element of thrash).  This might have been a great disc in the late '80's/early '90's, but today it's just some average metal that is here today and quickly forgotten tomorrow.  I think I probably like their old album, Beyond Hell's Gate, better than this.  Don't get me wrong.  This isn't a horrible album.  Old fans of Final Axe may love it, and I'm sure other people new to the band may dig it.  But to me it's really no better than average.  

Rating: 64/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Retroactive Records

Total Songs: 10

Total Time: 38:00

Tracklisting: 1. Heads Will Roll, 2. Burn in Hell, 3. Ball and Chain, 4. Hangin' by a Thread, 5. Dealing with Death, 6. Vengeance is Mine, 7. Slaves, 8. Metal Missionaries, 9. We're Not Heroes, 10. Worlds Away.

Best Songs: Track 6.

Band Lineup: Keith Miles - Vocals, Bill Menchen - Guitar/Keyboards/Bass, Robert Sweet - Drums.

Band Website: