Emotion - s/t & Tip to Toe EP

Nothing like a re-issue of something you never knew was released in the first place.  Regardless, this album by Emotion is actually a combination of two releases that the band put out in 1994 & 1997.  Their 1997 album, Taste of Grapes, was only released in Japan and never really saw the light of day in the U.S.  So in true Retroactive Records fashion, they are once again giving bands what was due to them many years ago.  Truthfully, I can't agree with label's assessment of this album though.  They say the band can stand on its own alongside the likes of Helloween, Narnia, Rob Rock, Impellitteri, Seventh Avenue, Modest Attraction, and Divinefire.  I'm not a Modest Attraction fan, so I can't comment there, but this band, while a talented one, is not in the league with those other bands.  This is some solid keyboard driven, hard rock/metal with a late '70's early '80's feel and should really appeal to fans of bands of that era, but to say they stand alongside those other bands just seems far-fetched to me.  Vocally, the band kinda reminds me of the old metal band Creed mixed with the old XT vocalist, Sonny Larsson and a touch of Jamie Rowe of Guardian at times.  I don't know if I'd say they are quite as strong vocally, but pretty close.

I only have a promo of this release, so I have no comments on lyrics or packaging.  Production is pretty solid though.  Overall, not a bad disc.  Definitely a lot of music for your buck with the 1997 release, Taste of Grapes, along with the 1994 EP, Tip to Toe.  Just beware that while this is good band, they are not at the level of the bands the label is comparing them to.

Rating: 78/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Retroactive Records

Total Songs: 17

Total Time: 69:42

Tracklisting: 1. Celeste, 2. Welcome to My House, 3. Taste of Grapes, 4. The Burning Spear, 5. Rendez-vous, 6. Right to Be Wrong, 7. Fakin' My Face, 8. Can't Hold Back My Tears, 9. When I Fall, 10. How Far Can We Go?, 11. Cloak of Love, 12. Love is Over Me, 13. Tip to Toe, 14. Wholeness & Holiness, 15. Rendez-vous, 16. Fakin' My Face, 17. Way Over Jordan

Best Songs: Tracks 4, 7, & 9

Band Lineup: Mikael Lagermo - Lead Vocals/Guitars, Jan Samefors - Organ/Keyboards, Ingemar Martensson - Bass, Mats Ohlsson - Drums

Band Website: ???