Inevitable End - Reversal

Last summer was my first exposure to this band called Inevitable End. I was at the Endtime Productions/Nordic Mission booth at the Cornerstone Festival and they were playing Inevitable End’s first demo on the stereo there. I really liked what I heard and picked up the disc. Now almost a year later, the band…with a new vocalist and new bass player, is releasing their new EP, Reversal. On this new release we find a much more mature band. The overall sound and feel of the album is better. The production is better. The songs are better written. And even the aggression level is kicked up a notch.

For those not familiar with Inevitable End, the band plays some killer death metal with some thrash influences thrown in for good measure. They play with attitude and emotion and they pound your skull relentlessly from start to finish. The songs are full of variety and never seem to have any kind of lulls in them. The guitar playing is flat out crushing and insane with a good deal of technicality. Combine that with precision drumming that is full of blasting and double bass, and you have the perfect vehicle with which to deliver the fantastically growled vocals that ex-Bleedience vocalist Andreaz Hansen spews forth. In fact, sometimes this band reminds me of what Extol might’ve sounded like if they had kept to the death metal path and only added a few thrash influences instead of going full on thrash like they did on Synergy. The vocals even have a little bit of an Extol feel to them. However, don’t take this as an accusation of Inevitable End being an Extol clone band…no way is that the truth. But do take it as a huge compliment.

One of my biggest complaints with this release is the fact that the production, while much better than their last demo, still needs some work. The guitars are powerful, but get a little muddy at times. And the drums fail the most in the sound department as we get a somewhat annoying and thin trashcan sound at times. And the other complaint would be the short length of this disc. Sixteen minutes is just not enough of this great new talent!

As for the rest of the package, the CD “booklet” is just a two-page insert with a cool, but simple cover and band photo, but no lyrics to speak of. Couldn’t find any lyrics on their website either.

Sweden has been known for cranking out great death metal bands in the past, and Inevitable End is one of the new young bands that should have a huge impact on the scene if they stick around for the long haul. This is a band that needs to get signed to a label immediately, cause they definitely have what it takes to blow people away.

Rating: 88/100

Review By: Matt Morrow

Label: Independent

Total Songs: 3

Total Time: 16:34

Tracklisting: 1. Redintegration, 2. Past Darkness, 3. Indweller.

Best Songs: All 3!!

Band Lineup: Christoffer Johansson – Drums, Andreaz Hansen – Vocals, Joakim Malmborg – Guitar, Emil Westerdahl – Bass.

Band Website: