Lust Control - We are Not Ashamed (Re-issue)

Ok, now this is DEFINITELY something that you really have to be in the mood to listen to.  If any of you are familiar with Lust Control, you know what I'm talking about.  Two of the members of this infamous band are Doug Van Pelt of HM Magazine and Paul Q-Pek of One Bad Pig.  This is bold, in-your-face, over the top, possibly offensive, and gut-wrenching funny punk rock at it's best...or worst...or whatever.  While many bands focus on the music, and while Lust Control did to an extent, the main focus behind this band was the most shocking lyrics you'll find just about anywhere.  What do they sing about you ask?  Well, how about sex, abortion, masturbation, immodest dressing, lukewarm Christianity, sexual molestation, child abuse, etc, etc.  And they pulled no punches.  They told you EXACTLY what they felt and then some.  One listen to the group chants of, "'s artificial sex!" on "The Big M" will tell you this is not your average punk band.  And then after hearing the vomit chunks hitting the floor in "You Make Me Puke", you'll either be hitting the eject button or rolling on the floor in laughter.  This is crazy, wild, sloppy punk rock with even crazier lyrical themes.  Never has there been or never will there be a band that attacks controversial subjects like this.  No subject is off limits, and they definitely do not beat around the bush.

So, what do we get on this re-release?  You get a completely re-mastered version of the We are not Ashamed album, three live tracks, the This is a Condom Nation album, an album release party radio spot, two commentaries on the band, and karaoke versions of "The Big M" and "Planned Parenthood" with the encouragement in the liner notes for fans to send in videos of yourself singing to the music with promises of rare merchandise for the best ones.  Oh yeah, and there are the four different cover options, one of which is a pile of steamy hot crap.  How nice! 

This is definitely not for the weak of heart or the weak of stomach.  And this is definitely not for the easily offended.  Even the not too easily offended may be offended by some of this stuff.  As for me, although there is a lot of bold truth in what Lust Control dishes out, it's as much hilarious as it is true.  This stuff is pretty lame when compared to most of the more talented bands of today, but for sheer entertainment value, this is a 35 track album that will have you squirming in your seat and/or in stitches long before you reach the end.

Rating: 63/100

Review: Matt Morrow

Label: Retroactive Records

Total Songs: 35

Total Time: 78:27

Tracklisting: 1. Grace, 2. Leave Amy Alone, 3. You Make Me Puke, 4. Return to Vomit, 5. Planned Parenthood, 6. The Big "M", 7. Deliverance, 8. If You Fail, 9. Virginity Disease, 10. The Secret, 11. Real Men Cry, 12. Pray for the City, 13. Mad at the Girls, 14. Speaking in Tongues, 15. Get Married, 16. Operation Rescue, 17. Victim of Revolution/Grace Reprise, 18. Sex Rant Intro, 19. Finger (Live), 20. Mrs. Lowry (Live), 21. Grace, 22. Rude Awakening, 23. Madolyn Murray O'Hare, 24. Wretched, 25. Apocalyptic Nightmare, 26. I Want to Die, 27. Mad at the Girls, 28. The Big "M", 29. You Make Me Puke, 30. There is a Fountain/Grace Reprise, 31. Album Release Party Radio Spot, 32. DJ Commentary, 33. Gene's Commentary, 34. The Big "M" (Karaoke Version), 35. Planned Parenthood (Karaoke Version).

Best Songs: Tracks 3, 4, and 6.

Band Lineup: Gene - Vocals, Bradford - Guitar, Bob - Drums, Butch - Bass.

Band Website: