Living Sacrifice - Nonexistent


 In 1992, this Little Rock, AK act had their second full length album "Nonexistent" released on REX Records.  It was put out again after it went out of print by their new label, Solid State Records in 1999.  This release is my favorite of their's.  This is death metal along side acts of the time like Gorguts mixed with Malevolent Creation.  I think Living Sacrifice made their own version of the style quite unique though!  Musically this is very good.  It goes through a lot of changes without losing momentum.  The changes seem to be natural going from fast double bass, to acoustic guitars, and then into mid paced rhythms.  It is very strong musically.  The drumming of Lance Garvin is quite cool to listen to.  He adds fills in some of the oddest places and changes when you least expect it to change.  The vocals are harsh and are seem to set the mood of the music well also.  But at times they seem strained.  Not to mention, he doesn't really pronounce all the words right, which really bugs me.  It's almost as if DJ (Bass/Vocals) has a speech impediment and slurs his words.  To me there are three songs on this album that really make this a strong album!  "Enthroned", "Atonement", and "Distorted" are all very moving and powerful songs.  Aside from the vocals, this CD is a must have.  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)