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What's New - Updated 05/26/05

If you visit the Whipping Post and only want to quickly check out what is new instead of having to search every page, this is the place to start. This page will have a listing of every page on the Whipping Post and when it was last updated.



Music News

Last updated 05/17/05.

Album Reviews

Last updated 05/26/05. Most recent reviews:  Admonish - Den Yttersta Tiden, Seventh Angel - The Torment (Re-issue), Olen'k - Silently Noisy, Believer - Dimensions (Re-issue), Extol - The Blueprint Dives, Rob Rock - Holy Hell, Beyond Sensory Experience - Pursuit of Pleasure, Encryptor - Cryptic Works, Bloodwork - Insufficient Flesh, All My Faith Lost - As You're Vanishing in Silence, Extreme Collection Volume IV Compilation, Three - The Radio Hits, Believe - Seven Miles Deep, Royal Anguish - Tales of Sullen Eyes, Global Warning - Enemy Within, Disciple - Rise Up, Winter Solstice - The Fall of Rome.

Music Links

Last updated 05/21/05. Newest Addtions: Dark Lay Still, Del Otro Lado Metal, Jet Circus, He is Legend, The Chariot, Figure Four, As Cities Burn, Norma Jean, Showbread, Century Sleeper, Veil Torn, Cold Fusion Music, The Awakening, Bridgeshadows, Fearful Symmetry, Grøde, Believe, Divine Symphony, Heavenly Host, Mercy, Morgen Sters, Necromorf, Doulos, Ministerio Underground, Inevitable End, Opus Majestic, Pacto de Sangre, Mirador, Heartcry, Cold Forest Productions, From Ashes, Seregost, Lidian Forest, Extreme Records, Guitar Jams.


Last Updated - 05/26/05. Newest Additions: Admonish, Century Sleeper, Ulf Christiansson.  Upcoming Interview?:  Matthew Hunt from Retroactive Records.

Current Playlist

Last Updated - 05/26/05

My Want List

Last Updated 03/10/05.

The Classics

Updated 05/15/02: Newest Additions: Stryper - "Can't Stop the Rock", Stryper - "In God We Trust", Bloodgood - "All Stand Together", Saint - "Warriors of the Son", Saint - "Too Late for Living", Tourniquet - "Stop the Bleeding", Tourniquet - "Psychosurgery", Vengeance - "Human Sacrifice", Stryper - "Soldiers Under Command", Bride - "Live at Cornerstone 2001", Bride - "Best of Bride - End of the Age", Bride - "Show No Mercy", Bride - "Live to Die", Bride - "Silence is Madness".


Last updated 01/19/01.

My Collection

Last updated 05/21/05


Last updated 03/14/03.