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Current Playlist - Updated 05/26/05


Admonish - Den Yttersta Tiden
Seventh Angel - The Torment (Re-issue)
Seventh Angel - Lament for the Weary (Re-issue)
Renascent - Demons' Quest
Sanctifica/Pantokrator - Split
Pantokrator - Blod
Arch of Thorns - Sword of the Spirit
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Recent Movies watched:
Along Came Polly
The Notebook
Kingdom of Heaven
After the Sunset
Phantom of the Opera
The Woodsman
The Interpreter
The Incredibles
House of Flying Daggers
The Final Cut
Matrix Reloaded
Books/Magazines I'm reading:
The Bible (Psalms & Job)
HM Magazine (Issue #113)
Heaven's Metal (Issue #57)
Confessions: Saint Augustine