Dissolve Being - s/t


What do you think of when someone mentions New York??  9/11??  Dick Clark on New Years Eve?  The liberal news media?  The Yanks getting knocked out of the Series by expansion teams their last two trips?  Well, whatever it is that you think of, Dissolve Being is now trying to get you to think "technical death metal".
Ok seriously, this album is not good enough to make technical death metal the top choice of New York thoughts yet, but it is definitely promising enough to at least make you keep it in the back of your mind.  Dissolve Being gives us a somewhat below average production, four song, self-titled EP that takes influences from bands like Cannibal Corpse and Deicide and makes you think....you know...give this band a couple years and some nice production and New Yorkers will be all over this band like Hillary Clinton on a senseless opinion.
Anyways...enough of the New York stuff...this is some pretty decent death metal with a very heavy sound that shows no problem going from blazing fast to slow and plodding riffs that will crush your skull.  The lyrics are growled and as expected...undecipherable, but they are printed in the CD booklet for those interested.  Overall, the band give us very strong Christ-centered lyrics.
I've listened to this numerous times, including five times today and it's never gotten boring.  No website as of the moment, but you can order the CD through the band by e-mailing them at: dissolvebeing@hotmail.com  (Review by Matt)