Vardoger - Whitefrozen


"Upon Whitefrozen tundra/The storm blows wild and free/I gaze up to the mountain/Where we will meet our needs...The signs of one Almighty/They howl between the trees/I climb the highest mountain/Upon for You I kneel."
(Whether you are into black metal or not, you gotta love great lyrics.)
Vardoger first showed their faces on Endtime Production's In the Shadow of Death compilation.  The song "Footprints of Thunder" raised a lot of eyebrows and if you had any appreciation for good music, you had to love the folk-influenced, symphonic black metal that Vardoger had so beautifully crafted.  But alas, hopes were quickly dashed against the rocky cliff as word circulated that Vardoger joined the ranks of the "one song wonders."  If only you could take a peek into the life of the young metalhead of that day who cursed at the air with clenched fists raised to the icy nighttime sky.  "Why....why do the best bands always abandon us!!?  Why do the gods torment us!  We're stuck with putrid filth while these talented musicians tease us with greatness and then run off and hide!!"
Well, rejoice my young headbanger!  Vardoger has not yet abandoned us!  In fact, they have kicked us in the backside for ever doubting their resolve to create fine music.  Then, in a magnificent turn of events, they've kissed our cheeks with a limited edition digipak complete with elegant artwork and five incredible, blackened hymns. 
On Whitefrozen, Vardoger again takes us to that old and timeworn place where folk and blackness walk hand in hand.  Where driving aggression frolics in the fields with haunting melodies.  Where bells, chanting, ivory, and the marching of drums are welcome friends.  Where "Footprints of Thunder" are hailed once more.  (Review by Matt)