Vaakevandring - s/t

Momentum Scandinavia


Fans of Vaakevadring rejoice!!!  For the last few years, fans that didn't buy their Demo 98/99 when it came out have searched endlessly and tirelessly for a copy of that hard to find and out of print, 3 song EP.  I was fortunate enough to find a used copy for $11 at online mail order store a few years back and although used copies have sold for upwards of $60 on Ebay, I've resisted the financial gain and have kept my copy of this classic release. 

Well, the searching is finally over for those who've yet had the opportunity to own this fine album.  Momentum Scandinavia has re-released this gem.  However, it is now a self-titled release.  The previous tracks have been remastered for a much better sound and they have even included a demo bonus track called "To Find Eternal Peace."  And to top things off, you get completely new packaging that is outstanding!!!  I swear, Momentum Scandinavia and Endtime Productions have the most consistently fantastic packaging of any labels I've ever seen.  Everything about the packaging is re-done, with the CD booklet being made of heavy silver graphite paper.  The CD cover and CD itself have pictures of trees on it.  Yeah, I know that even band in the history of black metal has probably had a cover with trees, but they look so spooky and cool that you just gotta love 'em.  Anyways...the packaging is terrific, but enough about that.
I won't go into a big review of the first three tracks since I've already reviewed them when I reviewed their initial demo, so you can just go read that review.  As far as the bonus track goes, they picked a good one.  The track is labeled as a demo recording and the production is slightly below the level of the other three tracks, but I could care less.  It's a new Vaakevandring track dudes!!!  The song is Vaakevandring-like...kind've a cross between their Demo 98/99 material and the song "Fall of Man" on the In the Shadow of Death compilation. Although, it's not as fast as the track on the compilation.  The song relies heavily on keyboards, but they sound great mixed with the metal.  I can only hope that Vaakevandring will get back together to record the final material they had written cause I sure miss this band.
If you like Norwegian black metal or if you've been searching for this release in vain, you have to get this disc.  And even if you have the old release, the remastering, bonus track, and killer packaging are well worth the cost of getting this album again.  Thanks a ton to Momentum Scandinavia for a job well done!  (Review by Matt)