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Vaakevandring Interview - Added 11/14/01

The Whipping Post - So what is the current lineup of Vaakevandring? 

Paal - The lineup is the same as it as been since the beginning: Ronny on lead vocals. Morten plays keyboards, does some clean vocals and is the main songwriter. Alex is the guitar player. Trond plays bass guitar. And I, Paal play the drums. 

WP - So far you guys have released your three song demo and "Fall of Man" on the In the Shadow compilation. What has been the responses you've received so far? 

P - We had very good response from the demo, both from people who were into the music and actually alot of positive response from people (in Norway-mostly) who liked our melodies and lyrics but not into the music. And we got very good response for the "Fall Of Man" song from people into black metal. Most people think this song was better than demo because it is more brutal. Alot of the most extreme metal fans thought our demo was a little bit too melodic. 

WP - So what is going on in the Vaakevandring camp at the moment? Working on new material? Interest from record labels? Anything else? 

P - We are at the moment basically writing new material and rehearsing the stuff we have. The goal is a full length, but we want to release it on a label. We haven't signed any deals or anything, but we are going to send out a demo now to a few, so we'll see what happends... 

WP - When do you all plan on releasing you first full length album? 

P - Well, as I said it depends on the interest from labels and of course by God's will. One problem is that the songwriting process takes very long time for us, and we need a few more good songs before we even can start thinking of recording. 

WP - What can we expect on this new release? Will it follow along the lines of your demo, "Fall of Man", or some totally new direction? 

P - I would say something in between. The demo was not well produced enough, and the playing was not that good either. We are probably going to re-record "Fader Vaar" from the demo to a full length. We have more agressive stuff, but "Fall Of Man" is definitely the most agressive song we have. We hope that most people into black, or extreme metal will like it. We have more influences from heavy metal now too. More "untraditional" riffs and ideas. 

WP - Any comments you'd like to make to Vaakevandring fans out there? 

P - We really appreciate the support you have given us in the past and still are. However, the most supportive thing you can do for us at the moment is to keep us your prayers. We sure need it!! Please pray for all individuals in the band as well as our closest circle of people and that Vaakevandring may be used by God and His will. Thanks and God bless!