Underground Metal

Regency Music


This is one of my favorite Christian metal collections.  Most of the bands weren't real well known (possibly why the title), but the songs contained here made you wish you could find a full album from them.  This CD will take you back to the early days of Christian metal when you saw a lot of ministry-minded bands.  The music is dated (but very enjoyable for classic metal fans) and a lot of the lyrics are scripture-based mixed with the "bang your head...rock all night" style of the 80's.  Production on most of the songs is relative good and clear, just lacking a little bass.  On the inside of the cover you'll find lyrics and information about all nine bands on the disc, something you rarely saw in collections.  Underground Metal features tunes that were done during a four year span, 1984-1988.  Bands featured:  ARMADA, BJORN STIGGSON, CHARIOT, CHOSEN STRANGER, MERCY RULE, PARAGON, PARADOX, TORN FLESH, and WATCHMEN.  Best songs:  "Why Are There So Many Sinners?"-Paragon, "Fear No Evil,"-Watchmen, "Meet The King"-Paradox.  (Review by Gary)