Tourniquet - Psychosurgery


I was much more impressed with this album than their first.  Not as much of the high-pitched vocals and they seemed to have found their sound here.  The music and lyrics get even more complex.  Lyrically, on this album and practically all their albums, you might need a Bible, cross-reference, dictionary, set of encyclopedias, etc. to understand what they're getting at...addressing spiritual issues with medical descriptions, singing against "new age" thinking, and covering difficult topics .  The songs are original and absolutely amazing.  There's even some rap (by P.I.D., not P.O.D.) on the tune "Spineless" and this was released back before there was even such a thing known as rapcore.  This album still remains one of my favorites from Tourniquet.  Ten years after this album was first issued, Psycho Surgery was re-issued and the title became one word Psychosurgery.  Not only was their a slight name change, but this album was also re-mastered and includes 5 bonus tracks.  While an original release of this album may be considered a collectable or rare CD, the re-issue is totally worth having.  The re-mastered sound quality is top-notch.  The bonus tracks include 2 live songs (A Dog's Breakfast & Broken Chromosomes), 2 demo songs (Stereotaxic Atrocities & A Dog's Breakfast) and the concert intro for 2000.  Whether you get an original or a re-issue, you'll see that this is some of the best early Tourniquet material.  But add up the re-mastered sound, bonus tracks, new liner notes and different pictures and you'll see why I recommend the re-issue.  Best songs: "Psycho Surgery," "A Dog's Breakfast," "Spineless" and "Broken Chromosomes."  (Review by Gary)