The Rise - Bluezone

Talking Music


When I first got this release from The Rise and saw the metal legends that were listed as members, I got excited.  This band has members that have or are playing with Leviticus, Jerusalem, XT, Motherlode, Jet Circus, etc.   However, that excitement quickly faded when I popped the CD in and caught the first bits of the opening track.  Take a little U2 and mix them with some mellow Jerusalem and some '80's pop and that’s what I hear on this album.  The band is very melodic and their songs are very catchy and Sonny Larsson's vocals are strong.  There are some upbeat moments and even some very cool/edgy electric guitars now and then, but this is far from metal.  The best song on the disc is the mellow, yet haunting album closer, "Don't You Give Up".  If you were fans of these guys’ bands back in the day and you’ve moved away from metal, this may bring back memories and give you something to get into.  However, the hard music fan will not find much to latch on here.  Production and packaging are well done, and they are some pretty good lyrics here and there, but overall I just can’t listen to this much with yearning for that eject button. Well done overall, but not my style.  (Review by Matt)