Tempest - Eye of the Storm


Years ago I remember hearing a song ("All For One") from Tempest on a local Christian radio station and thought, these guys are good I might have to try to get their album.  It wasn't long after hearing the tune that I was at a Wal-Mart looking over their tapes (CD's were still relatively too new & rare at the time) and my eyes happened to catch this album sitting with all the others.  I immediately picked up the tape and was shocked that they actually had it.  I bought the album and am glad I did.  This is Tempest's second (and final) album.  Before Jamie Rowe was singing for Guardian he was the frontman for Tempest.  One look at the picture of the band inside and you'd guess that they're an 80's hair band, and you'd be right.  This is a fun to listen to and a very well done album.  Lots of catchy tunes with great hooks, mostly electric & some acoustic guitars and even a few instrumentals.  It takes you back to the good ol' days of glam metal.  The original album is out of print and very hard to find.  In the late 90's they reissued their first album with this one on one CD.  I looked for the original album on CD for a number of years and did finally get one at a hefty price, but it was definetely worth getting since my tape had seen better days.  Best songs: "Goin' Nowhere," "True Love (Never Fade Away)," "All For One," and "Midnight."  (Review by Gary)