Stryper - In God We Trust


This is Stryper's 4th album.  After the huge success of their To Hell With The Devil album and getting lots of air-play on MTV, Stryper was now very popular with both the Christian and secular crowds.  In God We Trust was a great follow up and is a very polished pop metal album.  The most popular single off this record is "Always There For You," which also had a video to go with it (by the way, you can see the video on  I remember anticipating the release of IGWT and even though it's not as heavy as their previous albums (in fact, it's actually their lightest album), I was not disappointed by any means.  Lyrically it's very Stryper; positive, hopeful, spiritual and honest.  As with most Stryper songs they have a few songs that use the word "you" which could be translated to mean God or a person, but most of the songs are more direct in making a stand for their faith and encouraging their listeners to choose Jesus and the hope that's in Him; definitely their most bold for Christ in the lyrics.  Stryper always went all out on their music and videos and it shows on this album; very well written songs, tight harmonies, excellent production sound, etc.  In God We Trust is 10 tracks of light hair band metal that Stryper fans will definetely want to add to their collection.  Best Songs:  "In God We Trust," "Always There For You," "The Writtings On The Wall," and "Lonely."  (Review by Gary)