Stryper - Can't Stop the Rock


If you've never heard Stryper, here is an excellent place to start!  Twelve tracks of some of the best Stryper tunes that give you a nice taste of their music and how they slightly changed over the years.  The best features of this collection are a excellent, yet brief, biography on the band and two previously unreleased songs: "Believe" and "Can't Stop The Rock."  "Believe" sounds completely different than what we were used to hearing from Stryper, yet still a great tune.  "Can't Stop The Rock" is a rockin' tune that sounds similar to their "Soldiers Under Command" days with a little more aggression and they even repeat a few of their song titles in the tune that most Stryper fans pick up on right away.  The song selection is very well put together, but should have included a few of their other popular tunes like: "Shining Star" and "Battle Hymn of The Republic" to name a few.  Still, none-the-less this is a good collection that is worth getting, if anything, for the 2 previously unrelased songs.  Best Songs: "Believe," "Can't Stop The Rock," "Soldiers Under Command," "Lady," and "You Know What To Do."  (Review by Gary)