Spirit's Breeze - Eternal Suffering


More Brazilian metal!  Brazil really cranks out a lot of metal these days.  The main question would be, is any of it worth your time?  In some instances I'd say a resounding NO!!  However, in some instances I'd say a resounding YES!!  Spirit's Breeze entered the scene not to long ago with a 3 song EP called Annulling Dark Forces that kinda landed inbetween.  Some weakly produced, but fairly decent death metal.  Kinda like...great if you got a chance to hear it, but nothing to cry over if you didn't.  
With their first full length, Eternal Suffering, Spirit's Breeze makes some very positive strides forward towards that resounding YES!!  However, I still think they have a ways to go.  The production on this album is better than the EP.  That is a good thing.  However, they could still use much better production if they want to really make an impact.  In fact, a killer-produced album here would've had many a metalhead drooling over this release.  But the blistering guitars...and I mean blistering...sometimes get bogged down in a sea of sludge.  Then again, the sludge is much easier to wade through then last time around.  The guitar tone on this disc is very "mean" if you will.  Giving the band a nice and gruesome sound.  The drumming, as on the EP, is very good.  Franco, as he is called, is a madman being the kit going off with the blastbeats, double bass, and other goodies like this was the last chance he'd get.
Vocally, the band has some wicked deathly growls, at times bordering on blackish shrieks.  The surprise here is that one of the vocalists is a chic!!  You'd never know if her picture wasn't in the booklet with lead vocals next to her name.  In fact, I'm still kinda skeptical cause these vocals sure don't sound girly in the slightest.  But if I'm wrong, you have my deepest apologies.
This is one of those discs that grows on you the more you listen.  And like their last album, it seems like the band gets in a better groove the farther you get into the disc.  It's definitely not the best death/grind I've ever heard, but it's insanely intense and it's shows more promise than their last outing.  (Review by Matt)