Soul Embraced - Immune


I just acquired the new Soul Embraced album entitled Immune and to say this is a good album, someone has to be smoking alot of dope!  They dropped almost all the metal they had to write something popular that is already dying anyways.  If you like the idiotic band System of a Down, this is just for you!  But to say this is metal is not only wrong, but it's downright blasphemous to metal period!  Sure this band is good at what they do, but WHY NOT DO DOMETHING UNIQUE?  HELLO!!!  I am so sick of copycat bands it's not even funny!  I shouldn't even be reviewing this, but there are times when people and bands need an honest review and that's what you get from me...100% honesty!  Pick this up if you want to, but don't say I didn't warn you first!  (Review by Biff Bartholemew)