Shout - In Your Face


Get out the spandex, hair spray and your favorite air guitar if you're going to put this one in the CD player.  This album is hair band glam metal at it's best.  Featuring the awesome vocals of Ken Tamplin, who as most of you may or may not know, is a cousin of Sammy Hagar, though doesn't sound much like him.  I remember reading at one time that Shout had to change there name since there was another band who already had the name, but I have never run across an album from the other Shout band.  Fortunely this album isn't all that hard to find or all that expensive, for that matter.  Nine tracks of energized glam tunes with layers of guitars and vocals, one slow song and one short instrumental.  The only drawback to this album is that the title track isn't the "extended version" of the song, but features Ken Tamplin and FIVE additional guitarists.  After listening to this track you might need to re-tune or re-string your air guitar.  You can find the extended version of "In Your Face" on the Shout/Tamplin collection.  With the driving guitars and positive lyrics, this album will easily put you in a good mood and might even make you start to jump around picturing yourself on stage.  Best songs: "Give Me An Answer," "In Your Face," "It's All I Need," "Ain't Givin' Up".  (Review by Gary)